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Milan Marinkovic CILE, born in Belgrade on the 25th of january 1947. He graduated in 1972 at the Academy of fine arts of Belgrade. With the scolarship of the Yugoslavian goverment he spent three years in Paris (1977-1980). From 1966 he had over 100 solo exhibitions, and participated to more than 250 collective exhibitions in Yugoslavia, France, Belgium, USA, Italy, Spain etc. He won an important number of awards in his own country and abroad (Golden palette of ULUS, Special award of the jury of the VIIIth international art festival in Cagnes-sur-Mer in France, Great award of the jury of the Autumn Exhibition of ULUS, «October’s Award of Belgrade, etc.). He is known as one of the greatest artist of the expressionist mouvement today, in Serbia and abroad. From 1992 he lives and works in Paris, France.


Member of the Association of fine arts of Serbia (ULUS), and of the association «La Maison des Artistes» in France. Mmber of the Taylor Fondation, Paris.


In 2011 he is awarded for the Great Contribution to Serbian Art and Culture.



significant solo exhibitions

1968   Belgrade, Gallery Borba

1972   Belgrade, Gallery «Dom Omladine»

1973   Belgrade, Gallery of the popular University of Kolarac

       Rovinj, Museum of the City

1974   Belgrade, Gallery 73

1975   Belgrade, Gallery «Graficki kolektiv»

1977   Paris, Yugoslavian Cultural Center

1981   Belgrade, Gallery of the Cultural Center

1984   Belgrade, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art

       Bruxelles, Gallery Louise

1988   New York, Gallery of the Yougoslavian Press and Cultural Center

1989   Belgrade, Gallery ULUS

1990   Varazdin, Gallery «Sebasian»

       St. Stefan, Montenegro, Gallery St. Stefan

1991   Cacak, Art gallery of the Museum Nadezda Petrovic

1992   Belgrade, the National foundation’ gallery, «Kuca Krsmanovic»

       Budva, Gallery «Saint Marie»

1993   Paris, Yugoslavian Cultural Center

       Paris, Gallery of the «Cité Internationale de Arts»

1994   Paris, Gallery Cobalt

1995   Belgrade, Gallery «SKC»

       Podgorica, Gallery of «the Third world»

       Budva, Modern art gallery of the City of Budva

1998   Belgrade, Gallery «Progres»

1999   Paris, Gallery of the «Carrousel du Louvre»

2001   Cachan, Theatre gallery

       Paris, Gallery Astarte

       La Cadière d’Azur, Festival Art&Wine

2002   Sceaux, Gallery «l’Animathèque MJC»

       Paris, Art Zepter France

       Subotica, Gallery of Subotica «Likovni Susreti»

       Paris, Gallery Céline

       Valencia, Gallery Neskovich

       Madrid, Yugoslav Embassy

2003   St. Stefan, Montenegro, Gallery St.Stefan

2004   Sucy-en-Brie, Gallery of the «Orangerie du Château de Sucy»

2006   Belgrade, Gallery Haos

       Belgrade, Museum of Yugoslavian History

       Sombor, Museum of Sombor

2007   Belgrade, French Cultural Center

       Nis, Contemporary art gallery

       Belgrade, Library of Belgrade

2008   Smederevska Palanka, Museum of Modern Art

2009   Belgrade, Gallery of the Army Center



significant collective exhibitions

1968   Belgrade, «Dom Omladine»

1969   Rovinj, Grisija 1969

1971   Belgrade, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, «XII October Salon»

1972   Belgrade, Gallery SKC

       Rovinj, National Museum

1974   Belgrade, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, «XV October Salon»

1975   Belgrade, Gallery of the Museumof Applied Arts,«Zlatno Pero»

1976   Cagnes-sur-Mer, VIIth International Art Festival

1978   Montreuil, Municipal gallery, Group Hydra

1979   Paris, Gallery Bourdon

       Belgrade, Gallery of the Cultural Center

1981   Dubrovnik, Art Gallery, Salon Dubrovnik

1983   Belgrade, Modern Art Museum of Belgrade, «Art of the 80’s»

1984   New York, IIIrd Yougoslavian Contemporary Art Biennial

1986   Paris, Gallery UNESCO,«40 artists, 40 years, 40 countries»

       Belgrade, Modern Art Museum of Belgrade, «Acquisition 1980-1985»

1987   Séoul,«40 artists, 40 years, 40 countries»

       Zagreb, Art Pavilion, ULUS ‘87

1988   Moscou, «40 artists, 40 years, 40 countries»

       Sofia, «40 artists, 40 years, 40 countries»

1989   Belgrade, National Museum, «Painters for the Renaissance of Serbia»

       Krusevac, National Museum, «Kosovo Battle-VI centuries»

1991   Mechelen, Old Modem paintings-Auction House M. T. Bernaerts

       Belgrade, Gallery «Prodajna galerija», «Principal serbian

       Contemporary art movements »

1992   Tel Aviv, Harace Richten Gallery, Sefarad ‘92

       Toledo, Sefarad ‘92, «Sale de exposiciones de la sede Central»

       Nicosia, Argo Gallery, Contemporain yugoslavian painters

       Podgorica, Art gallery of the «Third World»

1993   Belgrade, Contemporary Art Museum, «Acquisition 1986-1992»

       Limasol, Jolly Art Gallery, Cyprus

       Paris, Yugoslav Cultural Center

1994   Paris, Gallery of the «Cité Internationale des Arts»

       Paris, Gallery Cobalt

1995   Belgrade, Gallery SULUJ,«Nights of Paris»

       Belgrade, National Museum, «Vital’s sunflowers»

       Krusevac, Belgrade’s Modern Art Museum collection «Art in Serbia of    

       the 80’s and the 90’s»

  Belgrade, National Museum,«Serbian paintings and sculpture

       After 1995»,National Museum’s collection

1997   Belgrade, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, «October Salon»

1999   Cachan, Contemporary Art Biennial ‘99

2000   Ville d’Orly, «11th mai des créatuers»

       Chevilly-Larue, European art

2001   Cachan, Contemporary Art Biennial ‘01

       Ville d’Orly, «13e mai des créatuers»

2002   Vanves, French’ artists salon,«55e Salon de Vanves Paris»

2003   Bourg La Reine, «33e Salon Ile de France »

       Sucy-en-Brie, Cultural center of Sucy,«Art Timbre»

       Maisons Laffitte, «33e Salon des Peintres»

2004   L’Hay-les-Roses, «14e Salon du Cercle l’Hayssien des Arts»

2008   Cachan, Contemporary Art Biennial

2010   Cachan, Contemporary Biennial

       Belgrade, Gallery of the Army Center of Serbia,«The great artist»

2011   Belgrade, Embassy of Italy, «Art, first breath»



1975   Golden Palette of ULUS, Belgrade

1976    Special award of the jury, VIIIth International

       Art Festival, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

1980   Purchase award,«Women-painter’s inspiration», Gallery of the

       Cultural Center of Belgrade

1983   Purchase award, «XXIIIe Automne des arts plastiques», Sombor

1984   Purchase award of the Contemporary Art Museum for the solo

       exhibition, Belgrade

1988   Great award of the jury, «Automn exhibition-ULUS», Belgrade

1989   Purchase award of the Contemporary Art Museum for the solo

       exhibition, Belgrade      

1993  Purchase award of the «Nadezda Petrovic’s memorial», Art gallery          Nadezda Petrovic, Cacak

1995   October Price of the city of Belgrade

2002   Jury’s award for the professional art, Ville d’Orly

2010   Award «Zlatni Beocug» for the Art, Belgrade

2011   Award for the Great contribution to Serbian Art and Culture



1989   Milan MARINKOVIC - CILE,

       by Nikola Kusovac and Tatijana Bosnjak, ULUS, Belgrade

1996   CILE, by Djordje Kadijevic, Milan Marovic, Ljubica Miljkovic

       and Zoran Markus, Svetlostkomerc, Belgrade